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Út 23 června 2020

(my comments on “My theory on Christianity in the Wizarding World” by LordMacragge)

I prefer the explanation in chapter 16 of Thou Shalt Not Suffer by TheWizardsHarry: there are horrible problems with our translations of the verse, because all Bible translators were Muggles, and they just couldn’t grasp the subtle differences between various types of magic described in Ancient Hebrew which we barely understand (hapax legomenon phenomenon).

Also, alternatively, that verse was more intended towards Muggles. For us, Muggles (at least, I suppose, only tiny minority readers of this note are wizards or witches), trying to do magic is trying to do something which was not given to us, and that is true occult, which is forbidden to us. Whether it is a pure swindle and it is just pure waste of time and effort, or whether occultists somehow gain some unholy power from some demonic forces, is immaterial, it just shouldn’t be done. The only example of somebody going against this prohibition in HP canon would be then Mr Filch with his Kwikspell program.

So, TL/DR: I don’t think it is necessary for Bible to be changed, and yet I believe that it is possible to be a Christian/Jewish/Moslem(?) wizard/witch (I actually don’t know, what is the Islamic position on this verse and magic generally).

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