Another comments on the Accidental Animagus & al.

Tue 07 April 2020 3 min read

(my comments on the thread “What are your thoughts on the direction taken by 'Animagus at War' by White Squirrel?” by u/SnobbishWizard)

I have already (many chapters ago) wrote a review, which included my comments on this story, and so far I stand behind it.

On top of that I have two comments:

  1. Bloody length of the story. JKR complained that HPOotP was rushed to the publisher and it needed more editing, which made it according to her too long. That’s 38 chapters. 38 times 7 is 266 chapters for the whole series as the longest case scenario (the shortest scenario, seven times HPPS is 119 chapters, and we are already over). Animagus saga now stands at 147 chapters, and it feels more like the basic setup of the story than coming to its conclusion, so we may get to that worst-case scenario eventually. In terms of the war, it feels like we are at the Battle of Smolensk (that’s June 1941) or at the Coral Sea (May 1942). The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Midway are far ahead of us in the dim future, and nobody can even dream about Berlin or Hiroshima (not that we should dream about that). To close the story down, there will be either some horrible case of the Harry Potter ex machina, throwing the Ring to the Mount Doom and swiping away in one move all the armies of the Dark Lord including the mighty Tower of the Barad-dûr. Or we should expect another hundred chapters of this boring Goblin rebellion, and $DEITY have mercy on our souls! The author threatens us with another thirty chapters, but I don’t feel like he can make it is in so few without the story being incredibly rushed.
  2. Complete loss of the human element in the story. It is a very similar problem to Divided and Entwined by Starfox5. Not that there would be not enough action: battle after battle runs over the pages, in this case, all of them lost, in other all of them won, but there are no humans in the story, and it is as fun to read as the history textbook about the Thirty-Years War (or the mentioned Goblin rebellion) or minutes of business meetings (which some parts effectively are). Lost are the stories about Harry Potter catching a mouse, the last one which had at least some personal element was The Boxing Day with the confused Muggle friends finding themselves at Hogwarts, but that was sixteen chapters ago (whole Philosopher’s Stone, the book which made JKR famous, was seventeen chapters). When was the last time somebody said something personal or whimsical? What is Luna doing? Hermione? Did she kiss Neville or not yet (I honestly forgot)? We don’t know, and I am losing hope we will ever learn because we have to read another long and boring chapter where some impersonal armies fight with other impersonal armies somewhere who knows where (even if it is in my Prague, where I live; thank you, after Mr and Mrs Percy Weasley by SingularOddities and Hiding in Plain Sight by GinevrasChampion only the third case, where the author noticed that there are other cities in Europe than Paris). And I don't even care which one is which and which one loses.

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