Atompub depression

Út 14 září 2010

So, looking at interesting presentation on Wordpress APIs, I have hit on this slide:

Slide showing ratio 3,079,080 to 4,619 RSS to Atom sites

Am I allowed as a friend of Atompub to feel depressed? What happened to the promised world domination?

On the related atompub and depression combination? I have a file with my complete blog in Atom format. Now I would like to create a simple script posting all entries there to Atompub store (let's say blogger, when I use it already)? Of course the condition is that if I add new entries to the Atom file and repost it again only new and updated entries will get published. So, of course I would need the way how uniquely identify each entry be it in the file or in the Atompub store (did I mention that I would like to be able for whatever reason be able to publish the same Atom file in different stores?). Of course, you cry, that’s what <entry:id> was created for! Every entry has its globally unique ID, right?

Except no Atompub store known to me allows you to publish entry with your own ID. Actually you have to remove <id> element before publishing to Livejournal, Wordpress, and Blogger otherwise they will reject this perfectly valid Atom entry, and you have to publish something which is not valid Atom (<id> element is MUST for Atom entry).

So, lazyweb, do you know about any means how to publish my Atom file to blogger without having a separate database of local:published ID relations? If it would be possible to switch to another blogging platform, I’ll switch immediately just because of this.

While collecting links for this post, I have found this. Maybe just depression is what remains for us.

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