Beethoven in the Prague Castle

Čt 23 června 2016

Comment I posted on the First Things blog.

I have just returned from the open air concert of the Czech Philharmonic in the Prague Castle, which finished with the last movement of the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. I would really love this to be played in some great park in the centre of London today. Perhaps even Mrs. Murphy would understand that there is perhaps something good even in Germans, but way more importantly she might understand that struggle for the brotherhood of people is something which is worthy of the fight. That Leavers should overcome their feeling of inferiority and try to fight for the better Europe rather than giving up on the fight and running away.

And of course, with her name, to say that Scots, Welsh, and Irish have no right to their own voice is something which dares the spirit of William Wallace to rise up and tell what he thought about such nonsense. It is usual, people who claim to fight for sovereignty don’t really care about the rights of all but more for their own right to dominate others.

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