bugzilla.gnome.org supported

Po 09 srpna 2010

So, ticket 38 has been closed, so we have another officially supported bugzilla: bugzilla.gnome.org. When you start bleeding-edge (“nightly” :)) .xpi from my site (Firefox will complain, that the extension is downloaded from untrusted source), then you should have scripts working on bugzilla.gnome.org by eliminating all additional buttons and not adding anything new (scripts default into support for bugzilla.redhat.com). On the bottom of the page you should be able to find a link ”Triage configuration”. Click on it and to the input enter URL for the Gnome configuration JSON, which is currently http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/scripts/Config_gnome.json. Restart Firefox, and go back to the bugzilla.gnome.org bug page. For the script to load, you have to be logged in to the bugzilla (otherwise it won't activate). I am also not sure, whether the texts of comments, and resolutions being set are correct for bugzilla.gnome.org. File a ticket with fixed JSON file, please. And of course, I believe that if the scripts happens eventually to be officially supported for b.g.o, Gnome bug triagers will host their own. Or maybe I should rather accept ticket 39 and make only one default JSON? Let me know.

image of bugzilla.gnome.org page with script adding buttons

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