Dudley has a witch as a daughter

Pá 26 října 2018

(review of Must Have Changed A Lot)

This certainly works as a one-shot, but as many (most?) fanfics it is necessary to distinguish between exposition and story. There are zillion fanfics with at least interesting exposition (OK, so not only "what if Harry was a girl/has a sister"), but with none story. And story is the only thing which matters for anything longer than one chapter.

Especially "what if Dudley has a witch" (surprisingly, almost never a wizard) tend to get completely empty after the initial fun scene of the panic coming over Dudley from the receipt of the Hogwarts letter and almost inevitable frantic call (owl post) to Harry for help. And then what?

I know really only about two Dudley-has-a-witch stories which have a good story line: Dursley's daughter/Dursley's Dilemma on Wattpad (unfortunately, still unfinished), and incredibly good (and depressive and paranoid) series of stories about Holly Wycliff on AO3 (yes, for reasons I have never understood, all Dursleys for security reasons changed both their first names and the last name is Wycliff). But for both of these, the initial exposition of what-if-Dudley-has-a-witch is just start to an interesting story: the first one of just a plain coming-of-age and troubles-of-teenager story (and I really like “Stalky & Co.” so there is nothing wrong with that; on the top of it, Esther Dursley is a Hufflepuff and there are so few good Hufflepuff stories, if I, as a Ravenclaw, may say so). The second goes to completely different, highly original and good stuff (she is an empath and there is a lot of weird and dark story about that). However, the point is, that for both them their exposition is just that. The exposition.

Now, let's see what the story brings. … Oh well, last updated nine years ago. Oh well.

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