Few thoughts on Gnome 3

Po 14 března 2011

While reading articles like Jon’s or the Nicu’s one (actually, this one is really funny, although IMHO wrong) I have couple of thoughts I would like to write down:

  1. Yes, the user interface will be VERY different. Deal with it! Take this book (find it in the library or in a second hand bookstore) as your good night companion. If you need a professional help, Fedora won’t cover it though.
  2. Yes, given that all Gnome developers will most likely just struggle with crashes and similar lovely stuff until GA, I don’t expect much change in UI, and yes it will be probably kind of “1.0” (hopefully, we’ll do better than KDE 4.0, but who knows?). Deal with it! Yes, I have some pet peeves as well, but I won’t mention them here on purpose.
  3. Yes, there will probably some people who will leave for XFCE/LXDE/twm/Fluxbox or other distros which are not changing in their user interface this release cycle (Debian, Arch, Gentoo?).
  4. No, I am afraid, in the end, it is not possible to do fundamental changes in an user interface in more gentle way.
  5. No, I don’t think the current Gnome2 user interface is the Holy Grail of user interfaces, and I would expect that other DE now holding against the change, will either change in next few years as well (with similar bumpy road on start), or they will become irrelevant (which is not the worst thing to happen … I don’t see Google and Microsoft exactly to fight over Fluxbox, but I know about many happy Fluxbox users).

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