Gnome 3 and key shortcuts

Ne 15 května 2011

One of the things which surprised me very much when using Gnome-shell on regular basis (which I have been doing with interruptions for more than the last year) is how pleasant experience is to use Gnome-shell for rodent haters. As I am used to the trend that software tends to move from useful to shiny and “cool” (the last word is meant to be an offense), I was surprised to find out that I actually use the rodent less than I used to with Gnome 2 and Metacity.

Of course, Gnome-shell in Fedora 15 is version 1.0 so there are some obvious bugs present. For one, I haven’t found a way how to do assignment of a custom key shortcut to a menu item (in Gnome 2 you would just print the short cut with the menu item selected)

illustrating problem with confused button both having 'Z' shortcut

Well, for second, what will happen when I press Alt+Z now? :)

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