'Good bye tt-rss, rss2email I am coming back!'

Út 27 září 2011

Fixed connectivity-problems (no more endless waiting with spinning activity-wheel)

While getting used to my new Android phone (which will be subject of another post(s)) I have found in the f-droid repository application Tiny Tiny RSS Reader, which is a reader application for Tiny Tiny RSS Reader, a RSS reader as webapp (aka „personal Google Reader”). I have been suddenly attacked by my periodic feelings of shame for still using (and preferring) good old email to all those current hip, web 2.* AJAX webapps. So, I have installed the program on my server, added the following to my fcontexts for SELinux, started update-daemon and run it.:

/var/www/tt-rss/.*\.php? all files \

Whole the app worked more or less as advertised, but I have in the end switched back to my old crusty rss2email. Here are the reasons:

  • First of all that Android didn’t work in the end. Changelog for 1.08 says it “Fixed connectivity-problems (no more endless waiting with spinning activity-wheel)”, but that’s exactly how it looked with 1.08 for me. I wasn’t able to find any help neither on fora, nor on IRC, so no phone app for me. On the other hand, email works just fine on the Android, so off-line access to my posts is already available.
  • I finally admitted that Simple HTML in Thunderbird of rss2emailmessages (with HTML on in rss2email) is the best reading experience out there. I really don’t like all those web apps which try to cram all user interface into the webpage, so for reading there is only tiny rectangle in the middle with tiny characters.
  • Web interface itself wouldn’t be the problem, but tt-rss contains also update-daemon which is written in PHP and runs constantly. It took more CPU and RAM than any of MySQL, apache, zarafa, or postfix. Just say NO to PHP daemons (or any scripting language daemons for that matter; jury is still out on Java daemons, but suspicion remains). I am glad to be back, and sorry rss2email that I have doubt you.

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