Harry Potter as the teacher of DADA

Ne 22 ledna 2017

I just want to shout loud agreement with many these negative reviews of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. It is really a bad fan fiction signed off by J. K. Rowling for reasons I don’t want to speculate about (yes, I guess, most her money go to Lumos, so that is the good thing in the end). No, I don’t want to consider it as a cannon (even though apparently J. K. Rowling does). Anyway, that review would not make me write this post, because all these reviews on YouTube covered the play better than I could. I believe, certainly theatre play should be better seen on the stage, so perhaps it is better and it doesn’t sound so horrible when played by real actors. Anyway.

The thing which made me to write this post was this. One thing which actually bothered me in the original novels was that I really wanted Harry to turn up into the teacher of DADA. Harry is the guy who got a bunch of the fifth (and some fourth) year kids with poor or none training in the combat. Lupin didn’t teach much of real combat, spent most time with defense against dangerous animals/creatures, and other teachers … well. So he got this bunch of kids and whipped them in three or four months into an unit which was able to sustain an attack by the two-to-one numerically superior group of fighters of the caliber of Bellatrix Lestrange (and most or all of them producing The Patronus Charm which is supposed to be extremely difficult). Yes, it was just for a moment, and they need help of the Order of Phoenix to actually save their asses, but still I think it is an achievement which most actual graduates from the Hogwarts can just dream about. Whatever this guy does is the pure waste of time if it is not teaching and training!

Yes, this is not a proper review, but I really don’t want to waste more time on this book. Take a look at all those reviews I linked to, and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

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