'Hello, Wordpress'

Pá 01 dubna 2011

I had always a problem with Wordpress. On the one hand it is the right tool to use (comparing to my previous use of blogger, quite certainly better), but some things were just hard to swallow. I dream about using AtomPub for my posting, but then I hit this bug and it suddenly is not possible to post HTML to Wordpress without having it molested to awful mess (see also this post which seems to vent a similar frustration).

Today I have decided that I am either part of the problem or part of the solution, and it is hard to deal with this issue, if I am not using it (see also other post about my troubles with Atompub). So, my home server is now (among other things) running Wordpress.

I have still some problems and SELinux is not happy (something about symlinks and MySQL), but generally it works and when I switched off Visual Editor and allowed Raw HTML, it seems like a workable solution.

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