Kázání o smrti Církve

Ne 01 srpna 2021

(kázání, silně krácené pronesené ve sboru ČCE Praha-Braník, 1. srpna 2021)


Ve jménu Boha Otce i Syna i Ducha svatého! / Amen
Oslavujte Hospodina, neboť je dobrý / neboť navěky milosrdenství jeho
Chvalte Hospodina, neboť je dobrý / neboť navěky milosrdenství jeho
Zpívejte Hospodinu, neboť je dobrý / neboť navěky milosrdenství jeho
Skrze …

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On Humanism

Ne 07 března 2021

I have heard today yet another sermon where the preacher fought against the great evil of humanism (fortunately, this was a tangential comment, the main point of sermon was something else and it was very good). It irked me again as it does anytime (most often) American protestant pastor fights …

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On Vampires

Ne 24 ledna 2021

(my comment regarding vampires on AO3)

Technical question of the day. Would the Homonum Revelius spell reveal a hiding vampire? I figure it will reveal a hiding werewolf but they’re still sort of human. Aren’t vampires supposed to be “dead” and so would such a spell reveal them …

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Their finest

St 02 září 2020

(my comments on the review of “Their Finest” by Susan Wloszczyna)

I really wanted to like this film, it started nicely, and generally I like it, but then there are points which just don’t make sense at all. It is even worse when whole film is about scriptwriting.

  • Catrin …

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Faith is from hearing

Ne 30 srpna 2020

(this sermon was in seriously modified version preached at the Prague Christian Fellowship on Sunday, August 30, 2020).

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

—Romans 10,17 ESV

This is one of the famous verses in the New Testament, and if you were among …

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