Just a brief reply about SyncEvolution

So 17 září 2011

Author of the SyncEvolution commented on mine and Adam Williamson´s blogpost about problems with synchronization. Patrick asks in his post: “I'm not sure what kind of problem Matěj had with SyncEvolution. He doesn't say in his blog post, only that it does not allow him to reliably sync with his server running Zarafa.” I am sorry for mixing two stories up.

Of course, I know that syncevolution uses SyncML and Zarafa ActiveSync (or CalDAV/CardDAV). My problems with syncevolution were much earlier when I was trying to sync my phone (then Nokia 3110 Classic, later Nokia N900) with Evolution, which given the name of the application should be doable. Maybe it was the horrible configuration, or some kind of PEBKAC, but I was never able to make it working correctly.

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