Multiple accounts ... on the death of email apps

Út 28 srpna 2012

Reading Charles’s blogpost on software obsolence and I cannot help myself but to be confused ... on the one hand I hear everywhere, that web applications are dead, and everybody should write applications for mobile phones (I don’t think I need a reference for this statement, do I?), on the other hand apps (e.g., Gnome and Thunderbird) are dead and everything will be done through web applications. Weird.

Concerning email clients are dead, because webmail, from GMail to RoundCube offers just about the same features than email clients I am still confused. For my work and family life I need at least two email accounts (I have four) and I read tens of newsgroups (sure most of newsgroups, not all of them, are from, so they could be meshed into email lists with just a small use of functionality). How can I do this with webmail? Sure I could have more tabs opened for more accounts, but can any webmail manage more accounts (can RoundCube do it)? Can I move a message between two accounts? I still haven’t seen anything like that.

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