No one has defeating ISIS as their real priority

St 17 února 2016

I had wished for long to say somewhere publicly the following, and finally yesterday I had an opportunity which forced me to say it on the comment on the First Things analysis of the Havana Declaration of pope Francis I. and the Moscow patriarch Kirill:

You must be new here (i.e., in this world).

My understanding was that he felt motivated to do anything he could to avoid seeing the Antiochian Church go through what his Church went through in the 20th century.

That's a joke, right? Of course, if he really cared about Christians in Syria/Iraq he could immediately help them a lot by not propping up his puppet Assad and join finally the common coalition against ISIS and not bombing anti-ISIS forces.

That's the problem with fight against ISIS, that nobody really cares about them. Yes, Russia would like ISIS to go, but more they care about propping up Assad. Turkey would love ISIS to go, but more they care about killing Kurds. Iraq government would ISIS to go but more they care about killing Iraqi Sunnis. EU would love to get rid of ISIS, but more they care about stopping influx of refugees. US would not object if ISIS go away, but more they care about their own elections and not getting involved in another war in the Milddle East. And so on. There is still nobody who would put destruction of ISIS on the first position. And so they are still there.

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