Note on Luna

Út 07 dubna 2020

(my comments on the thread “Best Luna fics” by u/jasoneill23)

I like Luna in the Northumbrian’s stories, but there she is not very central to the story (perhaps, aside from Yggdrasil by Northumbrian, but it is not his best story). Actually, the chapter 3 of Tales of the Battle by Northumbrian, which is from her perspective is really good.

Pretty good Luna in my opinion is in the series Nargles and Charms by Arpad Hunta, but for example in otherwise very good The Accidental Animagus by White_Squirrel, she seems to be a bit too normal for my taste.

The problem with her (which JKR never attacked) is how to balance her looniness with some authentic real person. Either you can have somebody who is just weird, and not in completely pleasant way, and unbelievable as a romantic partner, or you loose the essence of Luna, and she is just normal boring girl. In the JKR books, she never really gets close and personal with anybody. Those great utterances like “it was like having friends” work so well among other things, because she actually never is real friend in sense sharing with others her true herself. We never see Luna frightened, sad, disappointed or in love, because she always keeps her perfect crazy poker face. Once we are writing about Huna (or any situation where she needs to be true and personal), the author must step up into the unknown: who is the true Luna behind that facade?

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