On bashing

Pá 24 dubna 2020

Bashing and similar are not the cause of poor quality of their stories, but they are just a symptom of the author being lead by the poor design of his story into areas, which would be impossible to resolve or it would be too difficult, so bashing is then just a cheap cop-out from the bad situation. From bad to worse.

E.g., I really liked (ultra-cheesy, teeth rotting, true) setup of A Different Halloween by RobSt: Lily Potter meets Emma Granger at the paediatrician, and they go the Grangers’ for tea, so when Voldemort calls, James Potter is on the phone with Lilly, more alert, and he doesn’t have a problem of defending Lilly and Harry; thus he manages to escape. The problem of this story was that all problems were (in a rather elegant manner) resolved in the middle of the third chapter (when Voldemort truly completely and irrevocably died). The author had two good options what do in that situation: he could just finish the story right there, and it would be a nice short sugar-sweet three-shot story. Nothing against that. Or he could really sit down on his behind and develop the new completely original storyline. He went the third, poor, way: by the ridiculous amount of the Dumbledore bashing he tried to make a villain out of him and the result was ridiculous.

And no, it is possible to write Dumbledore as a bad guy, I am not claiming he must be a saint, but it is a hard job and the author must really write a long persuasive story to get from the most positive to a negative character. There Will Be No Foolish Wand Waving by kgfinkel made an almost good job in this area.

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