Overall post on “Breakfast in New York”

St 14 dubna 2021

(cover letter for presenting my reviews of “Breakfast in New York” by Radaslab; the first post and the second post)

I was rereading again “Breakfast in New York” by Radaslab and I don’t know for certain why it aggravates me so much. Certainly there is the conflict between generally good and original plot and tiring execution. The plot seems to be not completely overused (at least in the HP-fanfiction universe) and it has a potential to be rather nice romcom story. Of course, when “romance”, “breakfast”, and “New York” are used together, one has tendency to think about different breakfast, but even that gives the start of the story nice feeling of expectations. It is setup for nice we-lost-each-other-and-now-we-found-us story (“When Harry Met Sally”? Something of that sort), but it just broke down on execution. I wrote two posts about it already:

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