Post-Communist Conservatism

Ne 04 prosince 2016

While listening to the episode 30 of the Eastern Border podcast (a very touching one, thank you, Kristaps), I was touched by his notion of the post-Communist conservatism. The idea is that many nations in the former Eastern block seem to be a way more conservative than people in the former West.

One thing, which seems to me more and more obvious is, that from the three major political thought systems (other being liberalism and socialism) conservatism is the least ideological one, because it is the least angry one, the foundation of conservatism as the great and too much underappreciated Michael Oakeshott once said the feeling of thankfulness. And it is no surprising that at least our and earlier generations of the Eastern block survivors have many reasons to be thankful, so they may be more conservative, because they are more aware of what they can loose.

(to be updated …)

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