Power of praise

Pá 13 května 2005

The point of this book (Merlin Carothers, “Power in Praise”) is not to be polyannish, but to praise God where we are, and not to praise him when (and if) we will be where we want to be.

I have always had a problem with this praising God for everything and in all situations by a “virtual Pollyanna” praising God for giving her crutches on Christmas. [1] The problem I had with this was it looked so much like denial and against a personal vocation of truth and reality. However, the truth of this praising is actually all about seeing the reality of this actual God in this actual real life situation and conditioning our praise on satisfaction of our desires.

[1](Added later) Dear Pollyanna, I am sorry, I haven’t read the book or seen the movie then, so I didn’t know then that in reality it is not that stupid as I was told it is.

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