Reply to Tim Bray’s “What Conservatives are For”

St 05 prosince 2012

(reply to Tim Bray’s “What Conservatives are For”)

To avoid “nobody tried our ideals really” argument (which I have heard from both Communists, Catholics, and conservatives) I would suggest clearing up a classification a bit. One of nice systems how to distinguish libertarians (or liberals in the European meaning of the word), conservatives, and socialists (or liberals, if you are an American) I’ve heard about is to find out which person(s) they are suspicious of. Socialists are suspicious of the big business, libertarians of the big government, and conservatives (being quite often Christians, so having some opinions about the sinful nature of humans) are suspicious of both.

This classification conveniently allows me to disown self-labeled conservatives like Mr. George Bush II. (the largest spending before the Iraq war begun) and on the other hold my stand against socialist, Communists and similar creatures (I have been born in the Communist Czechoslovakia, enough said).

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