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Po 19 prosince 2011

Our former president, Mr. Václav Havel, died yesterday.

A congregation where we are members organized yesterday a benefit concert for the relief of the hunger in the Horn of Africa. Our pastor, being American, immediately asked me and two other Czech members of the congregation before the concert, whether he shouldn’t say something about Mr. Havel. We somehow stood there helpless and in the end we didn’t do anything special (as far as I know). Then we Czechs were kind of ashamed how we don’t have a proper procedure for case of death of beloved politician. It happened so rarely in this land ;).

I was thinking whole day how to continue in this post. I was thinking a lot about how everybody ignores in my opinion the most relevant message of Mr. Havel for us, which is the life in truth (and thinking about some comparison with the over-celebrated life of virtual hero Steve Jobbs), how our virtual life we all live is so different from the Lebenswelt. However, I was struggling to find a proper formulation and never written anything.

Then I looked at CNN page for some inspiration and found this:

CNN front page informing about the death of Mr. Havel

I think the idea of report about Mr. Havel’s being completely encircled by the reports of the death of Kim Jong Il would fit well into some of his best dramas.

Thank you Mr. Havel.

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