Sequel to “Harry Potter and the Cloud with the Silver Lining”

Ne 17 března 2024

Harry Potter and the Cloud with the Silver Lining” by ev11235813 is one of those stories which frustrate me to no end. It feels like a prologue to a much larger story, but the writing has stopped exactly at the moment when I felt the real story may finally start. The whole story is one of those “one tiny change unravels all powers of the darkness” kind of stories (something like “Petrification Proliferation” by /u/TheWhiteSquirrel, but that goes a way further on that path). I can even see the story, which could start, but unfortunately I am absolutely not in the position of the one to write (firstly, I am a man).

So, let’s make an inventory of what we have in the beginning of the story, right?

  • Harry changed into a girl, with a promise of lots of small substories on the theme “I had no idea your life is so different”, which could be funny (or otherwise).
  • Group of five girls living together. I think that has a huge potential for a great story. Something in the style of a possible sisterhood, much like The Parlour in “The Changeling”, but much smaller so more tight and personal. Sharing adventures, supporting each other, fighting together (in both senses of the word), The Power of Sisterhood, plenty of good stuff.
  • Many of Harry personal problems resolved (either good!McGonagall, or liberated!Sirius or possibly even Sirius/Amelia Bones are her guardians, Dursleys and 4 Privet Drive are to be liquidated very soon, Malfoys are licking their wounds), Horcruxes are being searched for.
  • good!Dumbledore (perhaps slightly confused or overworked, perhaps with personal problems, but to use terminology of D&D he is chaotic good) and Competent Adults™ with Not Too Much Corrupt Government™

The point of our story should be probably a series of interwoven sub-stories of all girls, some of them typical afternoon-high-school-TV-series ones (boys, school, jealousy, etc), some of them less so (hunting Horcruxes, hunting Pettigrew). I know that the original story slightly hinted into femslash fem!Harry/Hermione, but I wouldn’t go there. Aside from the fact that I don’t like femslash (nothing against lesbians IRL, but I am an adult straight man, so I have a hard time to identify with them), I would be afraid that such strong relationship between two of the most important characters would completely derail whole story from my idea of a story of whole group, not story of any of these individuals.

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