So, what is the problem with The Ten Point Coallition?

Čt 22 září 2005

Or actually is there any problem at all? Well, there seem to be problems—Rivers fights with Hammond (and vice versa?), there are no money for after-school activities, and it is not that important whether the number of murders actually increases, or whether it was just return to mean. Why is it so much dependent on the federal budget, cannot Menino let some money go into anti-crime prevention? Or is it? Actually, how much The City of Boston spends on this? I should get some kind of annual reports of TPC and Boston in this area.

Or is there an alternate version, that TPC served its purpose and now something else should be built up? How much can TPC serve as a provider of after-school care and high-risk prevention activities? Could and should they do what DYC is supposed to do (or is it)? Why should it be done by pastors and not by professionals?

Or is just a simple sad old story of people so celebrating their own success and trying to make themselves bigger by grandioze plans, that the original thing is kindly forgotten?

There are so many questions and not enough answers. Even worse, most of the questions are rather nasty and suspicious, and I have no idea how to keep myself in believing into innocence until proven guilty and yet to ask some hard questions those who are ‘suspects’ themselves.

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