Stand in the breach

So 02 dubna 2005

Therefore He said that He would destroy them, Had not Moses His chosen one stood in the breach before Him, To turn away His wrath from destroying them. Ps 106:23 NASB

I wonder, whether Moses was not chosen just because he was willing to stand in the breach for his nation, for others.

Of course, the breach (Strong’s no. 06556 perets peh’-rets; dictionary shows how incredibly dynamic word it is—something about “breaking out”) is a great word for me (see Ez 22:30) and something which really makes me closer to what I feel to be my personal vocation. However, what is interesting on this verse is that Moses actually exemplifies what does it mean to stand in the breach. It is not about hopeless crying to the God—“Please, do not kill!”, but much more hopeful position, where we can trust in the God’s promises for the life of others or for our own life. And just for future reference—a list of all verses in the Bible with 06556: Genesis 38:29, Judges 21:15, II Samuel 5:20, 6:8, I Kings 11:27, I Chronicles 13:11, 14:11, Nehemiah 6:1, Job 16:14, 30:14, Psalms 106:23, 144:14, Isaiah 30:13, 58:12, Ezekiel 13:5, 22:30, Amos 4:3, 9:11.

The pope John Paul II. died today. What his dying shown for me again was a tremendous power of Strength in Weakness. His willingness to be powerless (while trying in vain to bless crowds with his “Urbi et orbi” blessing). And all the rest of his death and post-humous pompous celebrations were for me just sweet cherry on pie, but not the pie in itself.

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