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Ne 27 srpna 2023

(the reddit thread of the same name by RoseIsBadWolf)

Does anyone have some invaluable resources for writing that they would like to share? Here are some of mine:

Budgets that show the cost of living near Jane Austen's time

Every named character in every Austen novel (made these myself, excel and PDF format)

Comprehensive timelines for:

Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Emma, and Pride & Prejudice (and another)

Mollands for public domain illustrations: https://www.mollands.net/etexts/index.html

And of course, I always have the Gutenberg project version of every novel open on my computer for reference!

Online Etymology Dictionary for checking language use.

I like to use the searchable copies of the books on The Republic of Pemberley, which also has a lot of other resources, if you look around.

The Regency Encylopedia, alas, has been down for some time, but Jane Austen's World often has good information, and an old, little-known blog that's great for historical research is the Regency Redingote.

I use https://idiomsorigins.com to check whether an idiom or turn of phrase would be era appropriate. However, I've been surprised sometimes by idioms that aren't there.

https://Georgette-heyer.com/slang for regency cant and expressions.

I also have Louise Allen's book “Regency Slang Revealed” that organizes and indexes Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. This book is so interesting and kind of hilarious!

I write in British English, so I use https://dictionary.cambridge.org to check British spelling if I'm unsure.

See these posts on the Regency Era on Reddit by /u/Basic_Bichette:


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