Was Lisa Turpin descendant of Dick Turpin?

So 13 května 2023

(my reddit thread of the same name)

That is Lisa Turpin and Dick Turpin. I am not sure where to go with it, just a thought. Perhaps just that not everybody at Hogwarts is so boringly middle-class bland?


Also Harry and Theodor are descendants of Dick Turpin's partners in crime, Stephen Potter and Robert Nott.


The dates would also make sense because they part of the generation born immediately after the statute of secrecy was established. They grew up in households with generally anti-Muggle sentiments they thought they could make a quick buck if they used their unfair advantage to rob Muggles.


Eh, aren’t they all characters of a book called “Rookwood”?

(my comment: there is also Ambrose Rookwood, but he was part of the Gunpowder Plot, so roughly hundred years earlier).


Now that Horrible Histories song is stuck in my head

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Historical Harry Potter stories

Ne 30 května 2021

(my comments on the reddit thread “Fics like Starnlicht?” by BallZealousideal2109)

It is strange how little fanfiction authors investigated the whole area of the historical stories, a life of the magical community outside (and before) the canonical storyline. Aside from replants of the normal fanon stories to the past (“Prince …

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