Why to drop fanfiction story immediately

Út 19 října 2021

pink-pipes asked on Reddit

What Tropes or Scenes Have Made You Drop a Fic Immediately?

I have prepared this list:

  • harem, Ménage à trois, polygamy, fluid sexuality, PWP, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic
  • creature inheritance … an immediate hard drop
  • adult/child + Death Eater/normal romantic relationships (yes, I am certain there are some exceptions, but I have yet to find truly good Drarry, Draminoe, Snarry ... ewww, Snamione ... ewww, not even mentioning anybody/Voldemort, anybody/Bellatrix, anybody/Lucius)
  • dark!Harry (or dark!Hermione etc.)
  • pureblood culture & pureblood Hermione (I tried few, none of those were completely horrible, but I don't feel the need to seek for more)
  • OP!Harry
  • almost all crossovers (especially with superheroes, Star Wars)

However, since then I have noticed couple more of these:

  • Dramione stories … “I bullied you, because I loved you.” It is not cure of a problem with young Hitlerjugend, it is disgusting. Just say no. Even worse, I couldn’t believe that somebody actually wrote in this day and age a story where freshly minted Harry-turned-into-girl finds it awesome when she is literally raped by Draco. “He raped me, because he loves me.” I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
  • sheeple
  • A time travel story: “Good, then you understand that Sirius needs to stay in Azkaban until the time is right.” No, I don’t.
  • Apartment-sized trunk

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