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St 27 ledna 2016

(originally comment on blogpost by Dave Winner)

I was thinking about this a lot especially from the point of view of owning my own data. The first version of how to do it was “the canonical version is on my harddrive in some reasonable format, WordPress is just for presentation to be discarded anytime” (even more important because WP pulverizes anything resembling HTML into its own disgusting mush). For that I started to use (and extended) b.py (with reStructuredText sources; originally from elsewhere, but upstream didn’t accepted my changes) and used WP on my own server.

Then inevitable happened: my server died, so I have to rebuild my site. My colleagues from work shared rented VPS so I joined them and pointed my domain to it. However, when I started to work on installing WP, I was caught again by my suspicions about WP. Do I really want to fight with pulverized HTML, zillion upgrades, comment spam, etc., when all I want from the server is to render my posts to HTML? So, I started to look for static web generators. After a brief affair with Hexo (Server-side JavaScript looks like such a good idea, but it still so immature and unuseable!) I ended up with pelican.

The only problem is of course the only dynamic part of my blog, which are comments. For now I have Disqus on my site as everybody else, but I am very unhappy with it. Sometimes, when I have time I will try to make Isso working for me, but I have failed so far.

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