God’s subconscience

Po 01 srpna 2005

Just a really simple thought. Does God has a subconscience? Being omnipotent and omniscient, one would expect that not. But isn’t it just modernistic ideal of simple rational life? And if he doesn’t have one, how come that we as bearers of His image have one? Is it just limitation of creation (as apparently it was necessary to make man and woman as two separate individuals, although God himself apparently managed to comprise both full masculinity and feminity in himself—or is it part of the mystery of Trinity)? The reason why I am dealing with this rather esoteric question is that the last possibility would be that a subconscience is a product of The Fall and thus something which should be (at least gradually and maybe just partially) eliminated in our sanctification, i.e., is subconscience per se good or bad?

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