Additional properties in .editorconfig

Tue 22 January 2019

For some inexplicable reasons vim-editorconfig stopped working with my latest build of neovim. I am not sure why and I haven’t have enough time to debug it properly. As a workaround I have temporarily (?) switched to editorconfig-vim. The former plugin is all written in VimL, so it was not problem to extend properties it supports by two more ones spell_enabled and spell_language corresponding to spell and spelllang vim options respectively. The later plugin is in Python and it is a bit more complicated, but fortunately it has an explicit hook for custom plugins. So, I could write this into special plugin/ file (no into ~/.vimrc, because commands from plugins in ~/.vim/pack are not available then yet):

function! FiletypeHook(config)
     if has_key(a:config, 'spell_enabled')
         let spell_enabled = a:config['spell_enabled']
         echom printf("EditorConfig: spell_enabled = %s",
            \ spell_enabled)
         if spell_enabled == "true"
             let &spell = 1
             let &spell = 0

     if has_key(a:config, 'spell_language')
        let s:languages = map(filter(globpath(&runtimepath,
          \ 'spell/*', 1, 1),
          \ '!isdirectory(v:val)'), 'fnamemodify(v:val, '':t'')')
        echom printf("EditorConfig: s:languages = %s",
          \ s:languages)

         let spell_language = a:config['spell_language']

         " set bomb if necessary
         if spell_language[-3:] == "BOM"
             let &bomb = 1
             spell_language = spell_language[:-4]

         echom printf("EditorConfig: spell_language = %s",
           \ spell_language)
        " We need to accept even dialects of languages, e.g., en_gb
         let lang = split(spell_language, '_')[0]
         echom printf("EditorConfig: spell_language = %s",
           \ lang)
         if !empty(filter(copy(s:languages),
           \ 'stridx(v:val, lang) == 0'))
             echom printf("EditorConfig: spell_language = %s",
               \ spell_language)
             let &spelllang = spell_language

     return 0   " Return 0 to show no error happened
call editorconfig#AddNewHook(function('FiletypeHook'))

Seems to work like charm. Comments on the code are, of course, more than welcome.

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Design notes on plan9-for-vimspace

Mon 04 December 2017


The purpose of this paper is to document any possible ideas, which could be salvaged from the Acme text editor of Plan9 fame, and reuse in vim.

(This is still a bit a work in progress, any comments and suggestions are more than welcome).

When I have seen for …

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