The Age of Irresponsibility

St 19 října 2016

I was listening to the story on BBC how the British pensioners are forced by the fear of Brexit to move from Spain back to UK, because they are afraid Spanish government would stop paying them their pension when (and if) UK leaves EU. And that’s just because two classmates now in the Conservative Party were not able to sort out their issues in the reasonable manner.

Mr. Donald Trump suggested abolition of NATO promises to its members in the Baltic states, just to make himself look like even more caring for the ordinary people. Besides, there are rumors, that he runs his candidacy just to resolve some of his personal issues and to make more money for covering his bankrupted business, and that he actually does not want to be the President of US at all. Or perhaps it is just a conspiracy to get otherwise unelecteable Mrs Clinton to the White House. The most crazy thing about this is that sometimes I am not sure whether it is not possible.

Also, we have here in Czechia a president, where nobody knows for certain why he is a president at all. Perhaps as a revenge, perhaps to prove himself, perhaps just to make happy somebody to whom he is tied by some (probably not very nice) favors. We don’t know the reasons, however we can observe an older rather sick a bit drunk gentleman who spreads around himself hatred, insults, and attacks on everybody just to make himself more visible (and perhaps to make somebody behind the scenes happy).

What is still the most shocking on all this is that I am still shocked at all. I don’t want to put myself on too high a horse, but I don’t know how not to look like it. I just cannot comprehend mind of people who seem to be completely immune to their conscience, who for the most trivial selfish reasons change the fate of completely innocent people and these politicians don’t seem to notice at all.

I don’t think I have much to say about this phenomenon, just recording I observe it.

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