The community on the edge

Ne 29 ledna 2006

There were again two shootings yesterday, one in Mattapan and other in Jamaica Plain. I was thinking about the TV news report about that and how does it shows the image of the community, and actually I found one thing interesting—the phrase “a community on the edge”. Somehow it again lead to the Dave’s “resist outrage” slogan. Of course, that it is terrible that somebody was killed, but what edge we are talking about—civil war, uprising, falling into anarchy? Probably, they meant the last one, but is it really so? Is really “the highest number of murders in ten years” (which is still somewhere around the Boston average of the long trend) reason for being on the edge?

And of course, that the point is not, what is the truth about the homicide rate, but how is it presented and what is the image of that homicide rate. What is probably the most interesting (but it may be again just the image) is that in this as in the December quater-murder people living around were claiming that this was previously rather quite neighborhood. Was it really (power of self-dellusion is enormous) and is it thus change in the focus of murders from the Blue Hill Avenue area? Or were they living in dellusion and whole Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain is dangerous?

Much more questions that answers. Oh well.

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