Their finest

St 02 září 2020

(my comments on the review of “Their Finest” by Susan Wloszczyna)

I really wanted to like this film, it started nicely, and generally I like it, but then there are points which just don’t make sense at all. It is even worse when whole film is about scriptwriting.

  • Catrin periodically coming to her home just asked for the last visit make her finding her man, Ellis, dead under the rubble. If the authors wanted to make him unfaithful, I could imagine that dialogue with air-warden much better. Super embarrassed warden explains to Catrin that they found Ellis naked with a woman in bed (having sex is as good reason as any not to go to the bomb shelter), “we thought it was you, but apparently … it wasn’t.” The film can follow without any change … angry Catrin leaves and throws away her ring to the dustbin.
  • Czech writer Karel Čapek once wrote an essay about when reading a story he has always trouble to decide whether the death in the film is rising from the internal necessity of the plot, or whether the author just didn’t know what to do. I am really afraid that the Tom’s death is from the second category, mortem ex machina. The author wanted tear-jerking finale, so he just got rid of the main lover. And of course, if Tom should be got rid off, then a thousand-ponder would work much better, than random stage piece.

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