Uncle Abner and Mr. Trump

So 23 července 2016

(originally started as a comment on the article on First Things).

Yours country used to be found on principles “to the end it may be a government of laws and not of men”, and now the biggest concern of everybody is which of the nine unelected guys (or gals) will rule you? Sad.

Mr. Reno is writing about lack of solidarity and this time (first time) I have to agree with him; yes, this has been missing from the conservatives agenda for a long time. But the American tradition was never only about freedom (or solidarity, for that matter). Let me cite beloved by me Uncle Abner from the short story “The House of the Dead Man” by Melville Davisson Post:

“I have read St. Paul’s epistle on charity,” he said, “and, after long reflection, I am persuaded that there exists a greater thing than charity—a thing of more value to the human family. Like charity, it rejoiceth not in iniquity, but it does not bear all things or believe all things, or endure all things; and, unlike charity, it seeketh its own … Do you know what thing I mean, Smallwood? I will tell you. It is Justice.”

I am not talking about the Mirage of Social Justice (to quote Hayek) or any such nonsense, but the good old cuum quique. Yes, it is true that the biggest robbery are done by the government men, but these are not the only robbers running through the land now. Just from my profession, let me say that it is unjust and horrible and everybody sees it that there is no defense against Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and IBM when they decide that small corporation or individual programmer should be robbed of her work (and even Google is apparently not safe when Oracle runs to the court). There is no defense against the protection racket of the current software patents and the mafia of patent trolls.

Or another thing … I believe it is a very conservative to struggle for the lost Republic as Mr. Lessig calls for it. It seems to me very important to take power from Lesters of this world. It is just unjust that Disney Corp. can extended copyright for as long as it wishes. It is just unjust that those patent trolls (and their friends) can extend their power over anybody who creates anything in the United States.

It is true that nobody is certain in their rights while the Congress is in session. I do believe that protection of private property is one of the cornerstones of any freedom, but there is not only government which can rob normal person, but also a rich man who can rob the less rich one. In the country rules by Lesters, there is suddenly no justice for normal citizens. And they see it, and no wonder they hear the first Pied Piper who promises them return of justice (even though follows the worst of man and promises “Law and Justice”).

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