Vita Brevis and Augustine’s giving up wife for the sake of His Salvation

So 03 října 2015

(I wanted to comment on “The History of Philosophy: without any gaps” podcast about Saint Augustine, but somehow their comment system is broken)

Sister, when you love your man, be careful how you tell him that
He will put you back in a corner and use you like a Sunday hat

OK, this quotation pushed me over the edge, so I have to write it here. I have read Augustine’s Confessions many times, actually it was one of the books which are most “guilty” of my own conversion to the Christianity. And yet, I have completely missed the story of Augustine’s wife and family (my study of the Roman Law would lead me to believe that actually they were married, but that’s another issue). So, when I stumbled upon the “Vita Brevis” by Jostein Gaarder I was completely shocked how much I managed to ignore while reading my beloved book. So, no Augustine didn’t divorce his wife and didn’t take her child because of the holy quest of His Conversion. It was a way worse. Read the Confessions again, or better yet read the Gaarder’s book as well. Highly recommended. Yes, the latter is a fiction book. I know.

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