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Pá 08 ledna 2021

(my entry on “What are you reading? Weekly Post for 2021-01-06”)

After the discussion on other thread, I was given reference to three Harmony+werewolves stories (Lupin bites somebody in the end of the third year). I found them surprisingly good:

  • In Bocca Al Lupo by morpholomeg” is very well executed. The idea is simple: story of poor Muggle family (Grangers) who has to deal with the fact that their daughter is not only witch (which is strange enough), but she is handicapped for the rest of her life (Remus even pushes his theory that Hermione as a witch should be sterilised, because she is not capable to carry baby through transformations; I really prefer “Tuum Fatum by DragonsAndOtters”) Beauty of the story is that it is very clearly focused and it doesn’t get bogged down into romance or into seven year story, but it keeps it just in the length of normal summer story. Other thing I really liked was how it describe the frontier between the magical and Muggle story and it doesn’t limit the story to all those tired places (Hogwarts, Burrow, Gringotts, Ministry).
  • The Wolf Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over the Bleating of Sheep by Chelonie” is kind of similar story (although it is still ongoing story, so I am not sure, how it will develop), but it is more explicit Harmony story (both Harry and Hermione are bitten, and they quickly move to the old ancestral Potter building Pottery). The thing which was created very well is explicitly pissed off both victims with Lupin, which ends up in the end to kicking Lupin out of their company and house. I am very much looking forward to future instalments of the story.
  • A Werewolf and a Veela Walk Into a Pub by Ares.Granger” After previous two mostly excellent stories, I was a bit disappoint by this one. It is mostly opposite of them: whereas these are mostly about hardship of living with the curse (particularly in the Muggle world), here Harry’s (only) lycanthropy is mostly just waved over (“if you accept who you are, you don’t need any Wolfsbane Potion and you can control yourself well”) and to make things even more weird, Hermione promptly and conveniently finds out that she is actually a Veela, which leads to immediate (the story is when they are fourteen) very very active sex life (fortunately, acts are only mentioned in the background, it is not overly lemony). Then lycanthropy/veelism is just soup on the top of rather standard Triwizard Tournament story (but there are really only three participants, Harry is by literally acts of god saved and Voldemort vanquished on time). Not sure about this.

To clear my palate, I have read also this beauty:

  • When Is It a Contract by Aealket” which is beautifully balancing on complete crack story with completely awesome Luna (who always correctly answers any direct question, except the answer doesn’t make any sense, and she doesn’t remember neither question nor the answer), Amelia Bones ex machina, and completely outplayed Dumbledore. Delightful.

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