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The goal of this article is to test a level of racial/ethnic segregation among the communities of the Boston area. I would like also estimate whether there is an association between racial/ethnic characteristics of different communities and their social, economical and crime situation.

In order to do this analysis, I had to estimate in the first part of the article a distribution of main racial/ethnic communities in the area. The next step in the analysis was to analyze small sample of the local indicators and assessing similarities in their distribution among different communities classified based on the racial/ethnic distribution of such communities.

I have intentionally used in this article very little statistics, because in my opinion it is possible to create quite informative and more reliable picture using less informal means of descriptive statistics (e.$ $g., ranking of data) and a full-fledged statistical analysis of the Census data require much more sophisticated analysis than I can provide in the limits of this paper.

Matej Cepl 2003-12-23