How to setup emails system for home-users Linux

{Unfinished alpha version; frankly speaking, I will never finish it, because I have switched to GNU/Debian and exim.}

First pick-up your software:

If you are using RedHat, then the safest way to keep with the updates and not having need to rebuild everything again and again, check out binary rpms from (there are of course older versions in your original distribution version, but there were some security issues with some of them -- namely sendmail). BTW, you HAVE to install also packages sendmail-doc and sendmail-cf, which are not installed by default.

Then learn something about setting-up of sendmail (at least read THOROUGHLY a very good document on use of sendmail with dial-up Internet connection). You can get my, but it is not excuse for not reading the mentioned webpage WELL.

BTW, you really need to persuade linuxconf from not mangling your -- either by switching off support of sendmail in its menus, or by uninstalling it.

For those who want synchronization of home email with their IMAP mailbox in work (university), they need some tool for synchronization. However, when using mutt you have to have at least maillboxes you wish to synchronize in maildir format (rename the original mailbox outside of mutt to something else -- inbox.old, switch mbox_type to maildir in your .muttrc, and then save all messages from the inbox.old to new inbox, then you can again unset mbox_type variable).

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