What We Were Made For: Gratitude For Normal

Čt 08 června 2017

(unfortunately, FanFiction.net allows only one review per chapter, so I was not able to add this to my review of chapter 90 of The Missing Moments by Ash-and-Vine).

When I was something like fourteen I was in hospital for surgery which made me for a week unable to move almost at all (surgery was at my groin, and it seemed like all muscles in my body were somehow connected). Biggest than physical pain (there was some) was pain of being immobile. I was completely consumed whole week with incredible jealousy of everybody including nurses who could walk. It was lovely sunny May, flowers were blossoming outside of windows of my hospital room, and I could just lie down on my bad watching ceiling.

When after a week or so of such lying in the bed, I was able to get myself to loo, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life (birth of my first-born is in the similar category). When couple of days later I could walk and I was released from the hospital, I was so excited and grateful for just ability to walk that I have almost ripped my stitches by walking over seven kilometres home over whole Prague. This sense of gratitude never left me completely and I believe it was one of the core impulses which lead me later to coming to Christ.

I guess that's something similar what Hermione felt in this chapter, and I hope that everybody who reads it experienced something at least as awesome (with stress on the root “awe”).

Let me finish with what I wrote as my original review of the chapter:

My brother complained about HP that ends so poorly in his opinion: the superhero saves the world and then he just has family, kids and he is just an official in the Ministry (well, a policeman, but still)? What kind of superhero he is?

My answer was that he is exactly the hero I like, and I am quite sure the hero JKR wanted to have.

Thank you for writing this chapter so beautiful.

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