Micro review of “Grow Young with Me” by Taliesin19

Thu 19 November 2020

(my reaction to the published review of “Grow Young with Me” by Taliesin19)

Except the quality of this review is on par with those on the DVD box. This is not a review, it is a promotion by a fan. There is not one weakness found, and although I like the story generally, it has plenty of those as well.

The glaring one is the length. With 233,370 words it is in the range of Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, or HP and the Half-Blood Prince. The question is, does it have enough plot to sustain this length? The answer is clearly no. There is not much more than “girl meets a boy, the boy is too lost in his own problems it takes some of her effort to get him out of his shell, the girl turns up to have problems as well, they are together”. It is possible to have a nice novel with so simple plot, but that Pride and Prejudice (which is similarly simple) is just half of it (120,697 words).

Yes, it could be, that in the modern time with our twenty seconds clips we are not used to (an example is from “House of the Seven Gables” by Nathaniel Hawthorne) having a character waking up, dressing, and walking down the stairs (that’s literally all that’s happening) in twenty pages. But unfortunately, that’s the audience the author writes for. And by the way, even The House of the Seven Gables clocks just 108,616 words.

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Their finest

Wed 02 September 2020

(my comments on the review of “Their Finest” by Susan Wloszczyna)

I really wanted to like this film, it started nicely, and generally I like it, but then there are points which just don’t make sense at all. It is even worse when whole film is about scriptwriting.

  • Catrin …

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O literárních stylech biblických knih aneb Job

Sat 18 July 2020

(kázání, silně krácené pronesené ve sboru ČCE Praha-Braník, 26. července 2020)

Textem dnešního kázání je v podstatě celá kniha Job a větší část Starého zákona, ale abych měl alespoň nějaký konkrétní text před kázáním, vybral jsem Job 42:1-6:

Job na to Hospodinu řekl: // „Uznávám, že jsi všemocný a že …

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On bashing

Fri 24 April 2020

Bashing and similar are not the cause of poor quality of their stories, but they are just a symptom of the author being lead by the poor design of his story into areas, which would be impossible to resolve or it would be too difficult, so bashing is then just …

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To přece ví každé malé dítě

Mon 22 April 2019

Někde v nějaké diskusi jsem zmínil, že přece každé malé dítě ví, co je Geiger a tak jsem neodolal a přepíšu sem příslušnou úvahu Karla Čapka (ze sbírky novinových sloupků „V zajetí slov“, Svoboda, Praha, 1969, str. 135):

To přece ví každé malé dítě. To mi řekl jeden automobilista, když …

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