Terms of Matrimony

Thu 07 February 2019

(my comments on “Terms of Matrimony” by Galad Estel)

First of all, this story has broken link on Fanfiction.net, so I have had to look up and down all over the Internet to find that only working copy known to me is at ff2ebook.com link shown above. Even the dump on archive.org is incomplete and plain text only. Thank you fflai on Reddit for pointing in the right direction.

This is obvious another example why serial writing is quite problematic. It seems to me that the author after writing introduction (first 23 chapters or so) lost interest and the end is stitched together with a very very hot needle (Czech saying) and it shows.

Having said that, the setup of the story is really nice. It is one of the most persuasive stories of Petunia-Snape relationship. It is dramatic (not like crazily talkative and generally absurd “A magical love affair”) and generally persuasive: one Death Eater (Macnair) uses Imperium Curse on Vernon Dursley to try to get to Harry (who is then six) and kill him. However, Vernon is stopped in the attempt by the magical protection by Harry’s mother and he kills himself (still under the influence of the curse, in order to cover tracks). Petunie with kids is on the run and she must hide in the magical world. However, her status as a single Muggle mother is very uncertain in the Magical world, so Dumbledore decides and manipulates her and Snape into a marriage to get her some standing.

Petunia and kids are hiding for a month at Weasley’s and while staying there she decides in the end to take a little bit of control over her life and (charmingly with the help of ten-year old Percy Weasley) drafts eponymous marriage contract, which she sends to Dumbledore, so she accedes to the pressure but still keeps some of her dignity and autonomy. What follows is nice and quite persuasive but already a bit brief struggle of all involved to find their role in the new situation: Petunia is forced to be suddenly real mother and wife, Snape has to learn how to care about somebody else, Dudley suddenly has a father who strictly requires following orders, and Harry has somebody who cares about it.

Unfortunately, in this moment, when one would say that it is well prepared for nice story (how could at least reasonably working family containing one very smart wizard face the challenge of the Dark Lord and how could they resist the machinations of Albus Dumbledore? etc.), so when a reader looks forward start of nice story, it ends abruptly with Remus ex machina showing up and discovering immediately that the rat is Peter, and we get brief collaboration of two former enemies, just to be interrupted by the evil Veela (interesting concept, but why not?) sent by Lucius Malfoy, who immediately kills Pettigrew in order to protect the mystery and keep Sirius in Azkaban. Next chapter, whole family (& Remus) runs away to America. End of the story.

It’s a pity, it really has a foundation of good novel, but it never fulfills this promise. I would suggest reading it at least for the exposition, but be prepared to dream about continuation.

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Harry Potter and Aristotle

Thu 15 November 2018

Aristotle in the seventh and eighth chapter of his Poetics writes:

Now, according to our definition, Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is complete, and whole, and of a certain magnitude … As therefore, in the other imitative arts, the imitation is one when the object imitated is one …

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Evangelium království

Sun 29 July 2018

(kázání pronesené ve sboru ČCE Praha-Braník, 29. července 2018)

Po Janově uvěznění přišel Ježíš do Galileje a hlásal evangelium Boží. A říkal: „Naplnil se čas a přiblížilo se Boží království; čiňte pokání a věřte evangeliu.“

—Marek 1:14-15

Když se zeptám křesťanů na to, co je evangelium, většinou dostanu celkem …

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Convert RHEL-7 to CentOS

Wed 02 May 2018

I have tried to suggest update of Migration Guide for RHEL7→CentOS7 migration, but apparently after CentOS was bought by Red Hat, there is not enough desire to document such migration, ehm ehm. So, just recording this for posteriority:

cd …

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Loving Vincent

Thu 22 March 2018

Movie “Loving Vincent” is certainly an experience worthy of the tickets to go to the cinema. The main idea of it is to make “animated” film by painting endless number of quality oil paintings in the style of Vincent van Gogh about the painter himself. I have been warned that …

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Pokud nebude hnutí ANO trvat na účasti A. Babiše ve vládě, měli bychom …

Wed 07 February 2018

(odpověď v interním dotazníku KDÚ-ČSL)

Podle mého „na jednání o naší případné účasti ve vládě přistoupit“. Zde je můj komentář (který se do formuláře nevešel).

Zároveň zcela souhlasím s tím, že lidovci (a každá politická strana) vstupovala do voleb s tím, že jsou ochotni se zasazovat o správu věcí veřejných …

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O panu Drahošovi a ozbrojení obyvatelstva

Wed 24 January 2018

(komentář k diskusi na Facebooku k včerejší diskusi prezidentských kandidátů panů Drahoše a Zemana)

Byl jsem z té včerejší diskuse upřímně nešťastný (tedy z pěti minut, které jsem vydržel sledovat).

Ne, proto, že by novinář Primy byl neschopný minimální novinářské práce a jenom se snažil přivést diváctvo co nejvíce do …

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On Lying

Sun 07 January 2018

(a comment to the blogpost by Robert O’Callahan)

I think the truthfulness among Christians is overrated. Here, I said it.

OK, before saying anything else, I have to say that it is very important, and I know what I am talking about. I had my brush with an addiction …

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Podpora kandidátů na prezidenta

Thu 14 December 2017

(z emailové diskuse)

K obavám z roztříštěnosti:

Pokud v prvním kole bude mít Zeman více než 50% hlasů, bude zvolen. Pak je úplně jedno, kolik hlasů dostane Drahoš a Fišer. Pokud v prvním kole nedostane více než 50%, a předpokládejme, že do druhého kola se dostane, pak záleží na kandidátovi …

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Design notes on plan9-for-vimspace

Mon 04 December 2017


The purpose of this paper is to document any possible ideas, which could be salvaged from the Acme text editor of Plan9 fame, and reuse in vim.

(This is still a bit a work in progress, any comments and suggestions are more than welcome).

When I have seen for …

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Úvaha postvolební

Sun 22 October 2017

Co jsem napsal dnes ráno jednomu kamarádovi na IM:

Tak já Ti nevím. Jsem hodně nešťastnej z té včerejší post-volební diskuse předesedů vítězných stran. Kromě toho, že jsou morálně radikální názory dost neuctivé k milionu a půl našich spoluobčanů, tak efektivně dotlačili Bureše k tomu, že v této chvíli jediná …

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